Exclusive Interview: Daniel Sandler!

Hello there, people of the Internet! Today, I have something very exciting to share with you- an exclusive interview with Makeup Artist Daniel Sandler!

His line of Makeup Products are used by some of the world’s top makeup artists such as Jane Bradley, Cassie Lomas, Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo.

They’ve also won many Beauty awards, the top being the Cosmo Awards for Best Blusher and Best Brushes along with his Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Award for his lipstick in the beauty and lifestyle brand section.

So I’m glad to welcome Daniel Sandler; here he is!

(Images courtesy of Daniel Sandler.)

(Images courtesy of Daniel Sandler.)

Q. What is your favourite thing about working in the beauty business, and why?

A. The beauty business allows people to look and feel their best. Makeup is a great way to help add self-confidence.

Q. What are your thoughts on airbrushed/photoshopped models in magazines?

A. Like everything, too much isn’t good.

Q. Can you give any tips to aspiring makeup-artists?

A. Practice as much as possible and don’t expect jobs to pay you when you first start out. There’s a lot of hard work to do before the money starts rolling in.

Q. What is the best thing you’ve done in your career so far?


A. Creating a unique and iconic product, my Watercolour fluid blusher.

Q. What is a must-have makeup product(s) for anyone on the go from your collections?

A. My Watercolour fluid blushers.


Q. If you collaborated with another make-up artist, who would it be? Why?

A. There are a few I’d like to work with because they all excel in different styles. I can’t name just one, sorry.

Q. What steps did you take to reach the incredible position you’re in now?

A. As a freelance makeup artist, I stayed committed to the job and worked my socks off. Also, I was nice to as many people as possible and learnt how not to have an opinion. As a brand creator and owner, I re-invented the wheel in terms of creating a new product, my watercolour.

Q. When did you first want to work in make-up?

A. I was about 16 when I knew it was to be my career. It had been a hobby since I was 13 and I was lucky I knew what I wanted to do from early on.

Q. Do you take inspiration from anyone? If so, who?


A. Inspiration comes from tons of stuff I see all around me on a daily basis, such as nature, art and street fashion.

Q. What’s your favourite look this year?

A. I love a perfect complexion with a matte red mouth, defined brows and contoured cheeks. It’s a stunningly beautiful look on any woman and a modern nod to Hollywood.

Thanks so much to Daniel for doing this interview- good luck for the future! Find Daniel on his website here and find him on Twitter @danielsandler or @DSandlerMakeup

Lots of Love,

Blossom xx


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