You are Beautiful.

Hello there, people of the Internet! Today is all about Being Yourself. Whether it be in the way you talk (don’t try and talk differently if you have an accent; it sets you apart from everybody else!), the way you look, or the way you dress!

I dress in very Retro/Vintage style clothing 98% of the time- that means I wear different clothes, have my hair differently (most of the time in loose plaits/braids or loose ponytails) and one thing I get teased for a lot; I wear a hat! Not your ordinary hat, mind you- think Michael Jackson style!



I wear that hat with every outfit I own. You heard me right! Every. Single. Outfit. Now, no-one ever seems to think it’s just how I dress: they think I’m playing dress-up! Sorry that I don’t follow what everyone else is wearing- I don’t want to be a sheep!

Coming off my mini-rant… Onto accents! Say you’re from Newcastle and have moved to Lincolnshire where I live, you’d have a completely different accent from everyone else; except me- I have an accent where I live!

Both my parents are from Grimsby; that means I don’t pronounce my h’s right, and I replace my with me, and going with gooing! I used to get picked on a lot because of that, but eventually people stopped teasing me- because I accepted my accent!

Onto my last point in this: How you look. These days, a lot of Teen’s, Tween’s or Adults make themselves feel bad about how they look!

I have the dullest eyes, and most boring hair colour ever; but I accept that! I’m not going to go on at you about not dying your hair- it’s your decision! Heck, I’ve had mine highlighted blonde to make it look nicer, and it’s made me feel a lot more confident with how I look!

So accept yourself as you are, and don’t feel like you have to change a thing. You are Beautiful.

Lots of Love,

Blossom xx


I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts about the Posh Fashion Awards; I’d love it if you’d nominate me for Best Newcomer here:

Nominate Me!


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