My Top 10 Songs!

Hello there, people of the Internet! Today, I’ve decided to show you My Top 10 Songs! Without further ado, here they are!


1. Find ‘Begin Again’ here:

2. Find ‘Small Bump’ here:

3. Find ‘1000 Years’ here:

4. Find ‘Hall Of Fame’ here:

5. Find ‘Spectrum’ here:

6. Find ‘Umbrella’ here:

7. Find ‘Feel So Close’ here:

8. Find ‘Fashion’ here:

9. Find ‘The Way’ here:

10. Find ‘Heart Attack’ here:

That’s all my favourite songs at the minute! Who knows- maybe I’ll do one another time!

Lots of Love,

Blossom xx

I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts about the Posh Fashion Awards; I’d love it if you’d nominate me for Best Newcomer here:

Nominate Me!


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