Things I’m wishing for… #1!

June 4 2013

Things I’m wishing for… #1!

Hello there, people of the Internet! I am so sorry I didn’t post yesterday- I was uber busy! Do you forgive me? Of course you do, so onto today’s post!

I’m just gonna throw something out there: I am the most bankrupt 12 year-old you’ll ever meet. Ever. For example; on Friday, in order to buy mizz magazine to get my latest fashion and celeb fix, my mum paid me while I did jobs round the house.

I hear you saying… “So what?” And, “I do that all the time!” Well, I’m lazy. Simple as that. I do help, but I’m just lazy.

Getting back onto topic… As I’m so bankrupt, the things that appear on this wish list are things that I will probably only get for Christmas, or I’ll get some money towards (one of) them.

Without further ado… Let’s welcome What I’m Wishing For… #1!

imageRed Doc Martens are a must-have this season! Although your feet may get a little (or a lot) sweaty, paired up with girly dresses, this will have the whole town jealous of your sense of style!

imageSpotty Satchel bags are essential for carrying lots of items; inside or out of school. The multiple amount of pockets make it easy to carry small items without the fear of them getting lost. The inside is rather big as well, giving you plenty of space to carry the larger items; folders, iPads, large heavy books…

Cute, youthful Floral Dresses. ‘Nuf said. image

imageAwesomely gorgeous Orange Zoobugs- extra stylish and awesome for keeping the suns rays out of your eyes; I’m loving the blue detail on the ears!

So there you have it! What I’m wishing for… #1, is finished! Until next time!

Lots of Love,




P.S. A couple of days ago, I mentioned the Posh Fashion Awards- I’d love it if you’d nominate me for Best Newcomer! To do so, click this link:


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