Socks and Sandals- Yay or Nay?

Hello there, people of the Internet! Today is a very depressing day for me- it’s school tomorrow! At this very moment, I’m soaking up all the relaxation I can; basically, this means lounging in my bed, worrying about how I’m going to balance School, Play rehearsals, Gymnastic Competitions and Blogging! Don’t worry, I’ll figure out how to do it- somehow.

Anyway, today, I’m going to ramble on a bit about my #1 fashion pet peeve- Socks and Sandals! I believe wearing them together is worse than bungee-jumping with no rope.

ImageYesterday, my family had a BBQ, and all my cousins are boys- a natural recipe for disaster! I expected them to have a scrap whilst playing football- but alas! My (usually) adorable, 8 year old cousin, did the unthinkable- he wore Socks and Sandals!

Cue the dramatic gasp from the viewers reading this post…

When he showed up in that horrible combination, I felt like crying! My favourite cousin- in my pet peeve! As I marched over there to interrogate him, my brain was yelling “Stop!” And, “You’re making a huge mistake!”

Let me tell you why: my 8 year old cousin has adorable puppy dog eyes! Kinda like puss-in-boots off Shrek! He even fills his eyes with tears- how does he do it?

The ‘big mistake’ alarm in my head was blaring wildly, but I still went in for the kill! As I stood on the spot in front of him, he did the eyes! His eyes widened and filled with tears, his lower lip trembled- and I gave in. I couldn’t do it! I just couldn’t.

So, I went your opinion: Socks and Sandals- Yay or Nay? Comment below with your answer and #1 fashion pet peeve- the winner will be featured in next Sundays post!

Lots of Love,

Blossom xx


P.S. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the Posh Fashion Awards- I’d love it if you’d nominate me for Best Newcomer! To do so, click this link:


2 thoughts on “Socks and Sandals- Yay or Nay?

  1. hope school wasn’t to traumatic for you! I’m so glad I left a long, long, long time ago now!

    Oh your poor cousin, bless him. Hate socks and sandals but I’d go easy on an 8 year kid haha.

    Emily Jane xo

    • I know, 8 year olds get away with things so easily. If it isn’t too much of a bother, could you nominate me for best newcomer? Thanks,



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