Flares, Tears and Jumping On Chairs!

Hello there, people of the Internet! Today is a very special day for two reasons. As some people may know, I follow an amazing blog: Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion!


It is written by a 13 year-old girl- but you would never guess that! She is so well-informed and knows so much about fashion, you would think she’s a 23 year old professional fashion designer!


The thing that has me jumping on chairs, singing to the heavens, is the Posh Fashion Awards are now open! There are great prizes up for grabs, so go check out more about that on her
Blog, which you can find here: http://tollydollyposhfashion.com/

This is more of an achievement for me, but I’ve designed an outfit; here it is!

ImageI know it’s not very good or professional as Tolly’s, but for a first shot I think it turned out pretty well!

Here’s how I would price the outfits:

Collared Top: £8.

White Ripped Jeans: £14.

Platform Ankle Boots: £25.50

Pearl Necklace: £3.50

Not bad, eh? I must admit, I’m trying to make it more professional looking. Any ideas/apps/program’s there are to edit/make them more professional looking? Please share!

Lots Of Love,

Blossom xx


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