Style File Friday: Selena Gomez!

Now, we all know Selena Gomez; she can sing, she’s a great actress- she also has great style! Today, I’m going to be reviewing Selena Gomez’s sense of style!

This is a picture of Selena at the MTV Movie Awards- doesn’t she look fabulous?

ImageKitted out in a Julie MacDonald long-sleeved, gold fringed dress, and a pair of Jimmy Choo ‘Vibe’ peep-toe platform pumps, the American actress’s style has me crying out in joy.

Moving off the subject of her clothes, her hair is fabulously styled in a large Dutch Braid, down the back of her head. Her makeup- a dramatic smokey eye with natural lips- blends in greatly with the dress and shoes and ties the whole outfit together.

I’d give this stylish gal:

4 and a half stars!

Got any hot celeb looks you want me to review? Comment them below, and I’ll get to them as soon as possible!

Lots of Love,

Blossom xx


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